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Hello, my fellow Hoodians! If this is your first time here, welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy all the past and feature posts here.

I am always somewhere in my imagination, whether it’s a real place or a fantasy place. I am passionate about writing and have strong wanderlust. Those two subjects are what this blog is about. If you would like to know more about me, just go to the Me and Myself page.

My lify blog is autumnsongsdanielle.blogspot.com. If you love artsy things, you can go check that out!

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Hello, Hoodians! I have some awesome news! I just reached 50 followers! Well, actually, I reached 50 followers like two weeks a go, but that’s besides the point. I just wanted to give y’all all a big…

narwhal art via Pinterest

Thank you so much! I have just been anticipating this since I started this blog, and it has finally happened! Now, my goal is to have 100 followers by summer break, but we”ll see. 😉


P.S. Don’t forget to check out my new blog, Donuts and Daydreams! 😀

AAWC Challenge #3

Hello again, Hoodians! I’m finally putting an entry in for AAWC. Sorry for not writing stories for the past two challenges, Zielle! Life has been hectic with the new school semester, vacation, launching my new blog, and the new year. Anyways! Here’s my story.

I’m on Team Forest, by the way. 😀


prompts used: 3

photos: 0

drawings: 0

team name used: yes! 😀

I run through the woods, a laugh frozen on my face. I had barely escaped my maid. She had forced me into a hot pink satin gown with incredibly ruffled sleeves and curled my bright red hair, but then she tried to slide tall red heels on my feet and I decided she was crossing the line. I jumped out my open window, and now I’m running barefoot in the woods on a foggy winter day. I barely notice the abundant scratches my feet are receiving from the thorns and twigs that coat the forest floor. I stumble, but pick myself up quickly. My dress’ skirt is jerked by a sharp branch, and I hear a rip take place. The sound pleases me. I want to ruin this ugly garment as much as I can so I can see the horrified look on my maid when I return. In a small clearing, I sit down hard on the dirt, and I fall back and relish the cool, dry mud against my warm skin. I roll around in it, soiling my dress. I study what I can of it once I stand up. I am satisfied that I managed to fade the horrible color a bit. It looks a bit more like a rose and much less like a lipstick obsessed troll. I smile and turn around. I figure it’s time to go back. When I look up, though, I scream. I stumble back several steps and fall, my hair flying everywhere. With wide eyes and panic surging through my veins, I stare a large brown bear standing a mere five feet away. It’s head is cocked slightly, as if it’s not sure why I screamed. Or maybe it’s trying to figure out how it will eat me. My breathing is quickening. I can’t think clearly. Do I make a lot of noise, or do I play dead? The bear takes a step closer. It knows I’m very much alive, so playing dead is out of the question. The bear is just staring at me. Why is it just staring at me? Then, a voice comes out of nowhere. “Don’t be afraid.” A boy steps out of the thicket and moves to the side of the bear. My head is spinning. The boy then puts his hand on the arm of the bear. The world is dimming around me. “I’m Peter,” the boy says. Then the world goes completely black.


I wake up gurgling salty water and screaming. I sit up, gasping for breath. The boy named Peter sits in front of me with an empty bucket, and I realize he’s dumped water on me to wake me up. I scowl. “Why did you do that?” I ask, angry. He grins and replies, “because it was fun.” I grit my teeth. I’m starting to shiver. My skin feels sticky from the salt, and I know my hair will be crispy once it dries. “Well,” I say, standing, “It was nice to meet you, but I must be on my way.” I begin to walk in the direction I face, but after I take several steps, Peter calls after me, “It’s the other way.” I turn around, give him a gritted smile with raised eyebrows, and walk the way he points at. I’m an icicle by the time I return to my home. The mansion towers over me, making me feel colder. I never liked my house. I receive a few odd stares, undoubtedly because of the state of my dress and my wet hair, as I walk through the court-yard. I enter through the kitchen, savoring the wave of warmth that hits me. The head cook spots me immediately and comes over to scold me. I brace for her harsh words, but instead she looks worried. “Missy! You must hurry to your quarters and become presentable! The king and the prince have come! They bought the mansion! This is no longer you and your father’s house!” She says, hardly taking a breath. My jaw falls in shock. Why in the world would the king want my house?

to be continued… maybe…

 I hope you liked it!


An Announcement

Hello fellow Hoodians! I have an announcement to make! I believe I mentioned a coming surprise in a post (though that might have been on my other blog. hmm). Well anyways, I have put a lot of thought into it and am leaving my other blog and moving to a new WordPress site! 🙂 I will not be leaving this site (though I originally was), but I will only be posting stories and poems on it, so I won’t post often.

So, behold…

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 4.19.02 PM.png

Donuts and Daydreams

I’m super excited for my new site, and I hope you are too! I hope you’ll check it out. Have a wonderful day, Hoodians!


A Walk In My Backyard

I walk out onto the patio with a spoon of hazelnut spread in one hand and a book in the other. The January day is somewhat warmer then the previous. The temperatures are that of April in the eastern area.
Not wanting to get spread on my book, I walk down to the edge of the small pond at the edge of our yard. The air is a bit humid and the sun is currently behind a cloud, but I don’t mind. The sky is blue and the clouds are few enough to make the day plenty bright. I see some geese and walk towards them, just to keep them off the yard and prevent their droppings from being scattered across our grass. The birds chirp happily and egrets from across the pond peck at the ground and water. After I ensure the geese to stay away, I go to see the dead turtle I had found several days previous. The still damp grass and dirt is soothing against my feet. A bug I cannot identify jumps away from the sound of my footsteps. When I reach the turtle, I decide to steer clear due to flies buzzing around the deteriorating body. A frog’s croaks attract my attention . I follow the noise, hoping to catch a glimpse of the small creature, but the frog must hear my approaching footsteps, and he hops away, his croaks dying in the warm breeze.
I run out of hazelnut spread. Time to go inside and put the spoon in the sink.

Hey, my fellow Hoodians! This was just a short description I wrote of my backyard earlier in the year. I thought I would share it. I hope you enjoyed!

~ Danielle

The “Why Do You Blog?” Tag!


Hello, Hoodians! I’m baaaack! Sorry for not posting for a while. I wasn’t exactly busy, but I wasn’t really motivated to post for a while. :[] XD Also, I figured out how to make it snow on my blog and it makes me super happy 😄 XD. Anyways! The lovely Zella  tagged me for the “Why Do You Blog?” Tag, so thank you, Zella!

The rules:

1. Put the tag badge in your post

2. Provide a link back to the blog that nominated you

3. Answer the 7 questions

4. Nominate as many bloggers as you wish

5. Comment on your nominees blogs to let them know they’ve been tagged


1. When did you start your blog?

I started my first blog, Autumn Songs (now called Mixing Colors and Writing Words. I still post on it :D) on December 9, 2015. Its two-year blogiversary is actually in three days! 😀 This blog was started sometime in May. I can’t remember the exact date, and my computer is being mean and won’t give it to me. -_-

2. Do you enjoy blogging? 

Yes! Well, most of the time. It depends on what I’m blogging about.

3. What or who inspired the name for your blog?

Why, me, of course. XD Well, I tend to think of my mind as a whole other world, so I took into context how I’m here on earth, but in my mind, I’m far away.

4. Do you hope to always be blogging? 

Yes. Though, it depends if my blog is successful and if I don’t get too busy in the future. Don’t worry, though. I’ll be around for at least another 5 years. 😉

5. What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned in the blogging world? 

I’ve learned a lot of things while blogging, but the biggest one is how to organize my life. I used to be the least organized person in my family. Now I’m way more organized. Probably not in my family’s eyes, but definitely in mine. XD

6. What is one piece of advice every new blogger must know?

Once you start your blog, make sure you’re active on your own blog as well as the blogosphere. Try to make good quality posts, and make sure they’re unique and interesting. If you make posts that say the same things as everyone else, most likely people will scroll through them and just press the like button. Also, do your best to put your personality in your posts. Some bloggers are super bland, and it bores readers to death. 😉

7. Lastly, why do YOU blog? 

I blog because it’s a super safe environment full of teens like me. Ya know, crazy, fangirling, writing bookworms. XD I also really enjoy creating my designs, chatting with blogger friends, and coming up with post ideas.

I nominate anyone who wants to do this because I’m to lazy to put links in at the moment (my brain is kinda fried from Algebra and Biology right now…).

Also, I’m only five followers from fifty followers! I would really appreciate it if you could follow me if you haven’t already. I’m trying to get to fifty followers before the new year. 😀

I hope y’all enjoyed reading this!



CPC Challenge #4

Hello peeps! I am getting my story in barely on deadline, but hey, I’m wrote it, right? The prompts are were super awesome, so I was super excited to write this. Onward! (This is a continuation of my last story.)

Prompts Used: 2

Photos: 0

Drawings: 1

I dreamt I was floating on clouds. I was just sitting there looking at the world beneath me, a smile on my fa-

Why am I dreaming? I’m supposed to be dead.

Clearly my conscience was waking at that point.

My eyes peeled open, letting bluefish light in.

Am I still underwater?

I shut my eyes again and let my conscience drift off again. Distant voices I hadn’t noticed before made way into my ears.

“You could have drowned her!” A boy’s voice said.

A woman’s voice replied, “Nonsense. I know when someone is about to drown, and she certainly wasn’t.”

“Whatever, get out of here, Hypatia. Next time we need a mermaid, you better send your sister because I don’t want to put up with you again.” The woman laughed, and silence followed.

After a long silence, I dozed off.


Loud footsteps made me pull out of my sleep. I moaned quietly, annoyed to be awoken. The footsteps stopped.

“I think she’s awake,” a girl said.

The boy’s voice replied, “You sure?”

“Yeah. I think I heard her moan.”

“Really? K, you go check on her. I’ll get Rastus.”

One set of footsteps got quieter, while the other came closer.

I heard a curtain being pulled back and a voice say, “Hello!”

I opened my eyes and blinked several times. I then sat up and studied the figure before me.

It was a tall brown-haired girl with a bronze complexion and heart-shaped lips. Her most shocking feature was her eyes. They were as silver as the moon. She wore a hot pink, fashionably styled jumpsuit, and her hair was put up in a braided ballet bun with silver comb in it. A black choker hugged her neck, and brown sandals were on her feet. “Hello!” She repeated.

I answered reluctantly, “Hi?”

“My name is Isolde. I’m sorry our methods of getting you here were so disruptive and shocking. We are a bit on a tight schedule.”

I nodded slowly. Isolde talked quickly, but yet retained a sing-song tone. I hugged my knees to myself, confused.

The curtain was pulled back, and an old man (in a long deep, blue cloak) and boy entered the small corner my bed was in.

(sorry for the bad photo quality)

The boy grinned at me, and I twisted my lips into a nervous smile in return.

He flipped his blonde bangs to the side of his face and stuck his hand into the pockets of his black jeans. His eyes were just as shocking as Isolde’s, but his were bright gold. “Hey. I’m Alma,” he told me.

“And I am,” the old man began, “Rastus, the great wizard. We need your help.”


I hope y’all enjoyed!






Wild Pennings (mini) Launch Tour!


Hello, lovely Hoodians! I am participating in my sister Nicole’s mini launch tour for her new blog!


Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 3.32.28 PM.png

Wild Pennings! Isn’t it gorgeous? I watched her make that header from scratch. It took her hours…


I will be doing a quick interview with Nicole about her gorgeous blog.

Le Interview:

Why did you start Wild Pennings?

I love writing, and it was something I wanted to focus on as a blogger. So I created Worlds Beyond Words at first, then switched over to Blogger, and thus was created WIld Pennings.

What is your goal for Wild Pennings? What content do you plan on posting?

My goal is to inspire and encourage other young writers like myself. I am looking forward to posting book reviews, stories from my own hand, and writing craft posts that take a different angle at writing, because that’s sometimes what we as writers need in order to understand what we do. 🙂

What are you most excited about for your fabulous new blog?

I’m not sure. Pretty much everything, from writing the posts and sharing my thoughts to talking with y’all in the comments!

Thank you for reading, and go see Nicole’s new blog! Also, don’t forget to check out Nicole’s other blog, Mirror Me!

Here are the other blogs that are helping Nicole launch WP:

Carol @ Peeking Through a Kaleidoscope

Mirra @ Colours Beyond Dreams



CPC Challenge #2

Hello, lovely Hoodians! I am here with my CPC entry! So we’ll just go on with that.

Prompts Used: 2

Artwork: 1

Photos: None

I walked slowly, scanning the grass. I held a jar in my hand, ready to strike any moment.

A flurry of movement in the grass caught my eye. I turned to it, arm ready. It moved again, and I brought the jar down. “Yes!” I said. I knelt down and looked at the tiny figure inside of it.

The fairy squealed and banged her little fists on the side of the jar. I could almost hear it screaming, “Let me go you mortal scum!”

I rolled my eyes and told it, “calm down, I just want two study your wings for a few minutes.”

The fairy stopped screaming at me for a second. Then it went wide-eyed, pointed at me, and screamed loud enough for me to hear.

I rolled my eyes again, but then I realized it wasn’t pointing at me. I turned around and my eyes went wide as a hand grabbed my arm and yanked me with force enough to pull me into the water I had forgotten was behind me. I dropped the jar in the grass, and I watched the fairy scream as I was dragged beneath the surface of the water.

Water seeped into my skin, and the mermaids hand gripped me so hard it hurt. The world was dimming around me.


This can’t be happening.

I kicked and tried to yank free from her, but I knew it was a pointless fight. And so did she.

I needed to breathe. I couldn’t stop myself from inhaling water. Black started to replace the greenish tint of water.

I am going to die.

Darkness completely surrounded me.


MWAHAHAHA!!!! ahem

Also that digital artwork. agskdfhlfa. I’m so proud of my smol bean self. (Even though it’s nowhere near done. I ran out of time -_-)

Don’t worry, I’m going to try to make this a short series if that comforts you. 😉

I hope you enjoyed it! (>;) )



Places My Wanderlust Reaches


I know. Original title. XD Anyways! I decided to compose a list of places I have always wanted to visit, and now I am going to share it with y’all! Onward!

(also, apologies for the poor graphics)


Numero uno! New York City! Now that I think about it, I’m not exactly sure why I want to go there XD . I guess it’s because I like big cities. Plus, I really want to see the Empire State building, so I guess that’s a good reason XD.


Numero dos! Niagara Falls! It just seems so cool to see all that water. And it would make a lovely painting with that beautiful turquoise color. Seeing it in person would just be amazing.


Numero tres! The Washington Monument! I know. I am very specific about the sight. The White House and the Lincoln Memorial would be cool to see too, but something fascinates me when it comes to the Washington Monument. I guess I like tall things. XD


Numero cuatro! Mount Rushmore! This place just looks super cool. And you can climb inside George Washington’s eyes! Like, how cool is that? I like climbing. Heights don’t really bother me unless I nearly fall from them (or actually fall from them). Maybe that’s why I like tall things?


Numero cinco! The Redwoods! Haha, yet another tall, big thing. XD They’re just so aesthetic and photogenic, though! Plus, I’ve always wanted to hug one, Don’t ask why. XD


Numero seis! Bolivia! I have a few personal reasons for wanting to visit Bolivia, but also the scenery just seems so breathtaking. They have prairie, some mountain, and city. The whole package! 😀


Numero siete! England! Not only do I want to go there to see all of the sites, but if I go, I’ll be surrounded by the awesome accent! I really like british accents, as you can tell. Nicole thinks my fake accent is really bad, but personally, I think it’s better than hers.


Numero ocho! New Zealand! Oh my goodness, it just looks so gorgeous. And I really want to stay in the Hobbit Hole Hotel place *grins sheepishly*. IT’S JUST SO AESTHETIC AND UGH. I really want to go there.


Numero nueve! France. You probably saw this coming XD. Who doesn’t want to see France? Not only do I want to see Paris, but from what I’ve heard, the countryside is gorgeous.


Numero diez! Egypt! Also, sorry ’bout the wrong numbers on the last two. But I’m too lazy to fix it, so oh well. Anyways, back to Egypt. Something about Egyptian history really interests me. Would love to see the different pyramids and The Sphinx. It would super cool to go there.


Numero once! Italy! I REALLY want to go to Italy. I want to see the coliseum, aqueducts, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the countryside. I also want to try TRUE italian pizza gelato. My dad lived there for two years, and he says true gelato is very different from American ice cream.


Numero doce! Russia! Now you probably think I’m weird. But I’ve heard the cathedrals there are gorgeous, and a pro is that it’s cold almost all year long. (I know you think I’m insane now) I LOVE cold weather. It’s much better than heat. *glares at home state*


Numero threce! Greece! I am a mild (understatement) Percy Jackson fan, so no further explanation is needed.

That wraps this post up! I hope y’all enjoyed reading! Have a wonderful day, Hoodians!


‘My Life In Words’ Blog Tour!


Hello there, fellow Hoodians!  I am participating in Anya’s blog tour, so here I am with my part of the tour! So…

Introducing Anya’s NEW BLOG…

‘My Life In Words’!

Three awesome things about Anya and her new blog:

1. Anya is SO sweet and sincere!

2. Her header is uber cute and pretty

3. Her title is so creative! (Tell me your secrets, Anya)

So go check out her new blog here!

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