Emotions – a poem by Danielle

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There is something that’s always inside me.
It likes to hide so none may see
Just how I feel beneath
Because all my emotions bubble and seethe.

Sometimes my eyes grow hot and watery.
The tears come fast though I try to bury
The sob that escape my lips
It seems I always seem to slip

Soon the flowing river stops
I wipe my eyes of salty drops
The twinkle in my eyes return
A smile breaks to sojourn.

An overwhelming feeling fills my soul
As if a key clicked in a keyhole!
It’s a perfect, temporary moment.
Before I know it, it has went.

Something’s sparks inside my mind
A fire is being confined.
It climbs higher till it reaches
It feels like it screeches

I slam my door in absolute fury.
My head feels dizzy and my sight blurry.
I want to shout and throw somethings
It’s such an unpleasant feeling.

Finally, the fizzing anger stops
But one shard remains
A thought of pride and disgust
Is fast filling up my gut

I think I’m better than everything.
I’m to good for that thing
Soon I realize my mistake
We are all equal no matter the thoughts we make

A final emotion still remains,
A scary one, it drives some insane
Catch my silly pun?
It’s true, that one. (Lol, btw this parenthesis isn’t part of the poem)

My breathing grow quick
I feel kinda sick
I want to run away from this,
A nonexistent, dangerous near-miss


I hope y’all liked this poem. I didn’t include a whole lot of emotions, but I included the main ones. I believe emotions are very important in our lives, and I wanted to express that.

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P.S. I’ll have a sign-off soon!


14 thoughts on “Emotions – a poem by Danielle

  1. Hey Danielle!!I’ve chosen you and your sister Nicole to be part of Gracie’s blog project! The link is the same as the one Mukta sent you. I hope you can take part❤️❤️


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